Top 10 Shocking Facts That Happen Every 5 Seconds

While i have some time to digest some food and rest before hitting up 3 more classes and a rehearsal 2nite, i thought i’d watch this video. Quite generic or readily available knowledge so far, there are some facts that are quite mind-blowing, especially when i’ve spent the last 10 minutes watching and writing this post.

Some examples given:

*6 hours worth of uploaded footage

*25 babies born

*17 million emails sent…

*and… f**k Bill Gates… lol you’ll see



Blogging | simple thank you…

Hey readers, just thought i’d say thank you to the wonderful people who have subscribed to my blog so far. Honestly, i didn’t think much that people read this, or even had time to read a newly formed website, about a man who wants to achieve his dreams in dance… ultimately sounds “uncliche” (i did the hand sign for double apostrophes… and for a second is that what you call it?”. *rant over

okay, but seriously.

I’m not someone who knows how to write, or let alone want to write in normal academic english. I just wanted to share my thoughts and super blessed to have people even view it, so to those readers.