The Legend of Korra Season 3.

Now now now… i know i’ve had plenty of random posts this week, with the vmas and getting a gopro. But i’ve had something on my mind this week that’s really been bugging me. Can you guess? Well the title states it all, and i’m quite appalled by the lack of substance in the tv show The Legend of Korra, especially season 3 – change. I mean… cmon… like really? It’s quite bad if you ask me. My personal taste suggests that the writers really did not care about trying to add more character and more time to develop an intriguing story. Yes I know it’s a kid show, but with a much darker storyline and older characters, i’d like to think they would have challenged themselves a little to make audiences want to watch this series over the first Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series.

I know it is fine for cartoons or tv shows to have filler episodes, but for the avatar; Korra to simply mental bend in a second? wtf? how freakin lame!!! I get it… She’s the avatar, but still… really lame.

Another thing. How easy it is for the avatar to be captured by the red lotus. It’s like they didn’t even lift a finger and they had already persuaded that guy who can sense if people are lying to simply allow them to enter the metal city and kaboom capture the avatar. again… still lame.

But… at least the show provides entertainment, and a very easy storyline to comprehend. It just sucks how as you get closer to the end of the season, the show becomes more thrilling, more action packed and cooler.

Anyways, that’s my two cents on this topic… Now let me finish this season and i’ll continue writing about my thoughts!

Every Song in the Beyonce VMA Performance

Beyonce songlist for VMAS

Now it may have only been a couple days since Beyonce received the prestigious Video Vanguard Award, I have unfortunately realised that my previous post of her medley had been taken down. But nevertheless, if you want to relive her entire album and see the entire visual album, the link above should take you to what she calls “Her world…”. While i scour the many paths of the internet for her performance, don’t look past the link, as it essentially gives you free access to her videos (and free because I had to buy the videos off from itunes… tsk).


Beyonce at the VMAs BEST QUALITY!

holy shit! better quality and so so much more amazing!

***EDITED*** (i found better footage, but read below if you want =])

Wow wow wow… okay so i have yet to actually watch it but I thought i’d write something down before watching anything!

I had to make sure I did my research to find out what was really happening with her performance and holy gosh… She is receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and it is alleged to be performing all of her songs from her self-titled album.

check this link out!!!

This is such a proud moment for an artist, with Justin Timberlake having won the award the year before, blowing the world away with his performance and mini-reunion with NSYNC.

Anyways, without further interruptions, here’s the bad quality of the performance, and in no way is this the whole footage either…

I’m not sure who’s choreographed what exactly but I feel some Dana Foglia is in there. The costuming and the set changes are superb. And everytime Beyonce performs, her lighting is always amazing… whoever is her lighting guy, man… they should be famous too, never seen the design and transitions like that before. Definitely appreciated the direction she was going with this one. Ooo and there’s an ass bit, which i’m sure has to out-do her earlier performance this year with her hubby Jay-z. But again, you have watch it, and i still have to watch the full performance/better quality please! =]

If you love beyonce, let me know what you think… at this very moment, i’m not convinced it was the best (only based on footage) so i can’t wait to actually see it in HD!!!




Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb

just feeling this song and how it reminds me of my gf, as she wears lotus flower bomb =]. Definitely a unique smell, but regardless this song is bomb, no pun intended.

Anyways, just wanted to share some music that i was feeling this morning. Atm i’m just in the kitchen making breakfast and smoothies and cleaning. ughh so much to clean!!!