People React to Head Massage… SLOW MOTION

This is quite awesome, especially in slow motion. =] The expressions on these peoples faces and when having their head massaged is on point. Not sure I can say I have a favourite reaction but gosh… that’s kinda gross at the same time hahahaha. Which probably means, insert naughty text here…

thanks Buzzfeed for your continuous entertainment.


AO crew presents Taemin – Danger


So my friends are pretty awesome! This is their 6th video this year?… and have definitely been doing their best to improve and maintain their spot as Australia’s most popular kpop cover group. Led by the young and talented Johnny Sevas, they embark on creating a cover to Taemin – Danger and do so with ease. And while most people know Johnny the most, it goes without saying that the rest of AO is showcased in this video as they provide an outstanding display of teamwork and overall synchronicity. Shoutout to the other dancers as well for picking up and not leaving the lead behind. Definitely compliment each other in this video =].

Since not appearing in the recent AO videos, It’s good to see them still smashing out these videos and building their growing fan base, love you guys!

And if your into reaction videos and the hilarity of it, then check this out! Some of Johnny’s fans reacting to the new video and I can’t help but be amused, and at the same time be proud to see that their work is not being unnoticed. =]


That uptown funky woah woah!

ayeee, just saw this sick new video directed by Tim Milgram, and what I gather, has been developing a bunch of dancers concepts and helping put their art up on film. They be dancing to that new one by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, such a dope track and one that just makes you want to dance no matter what mood your out and about in. I love a good concept and wordplay and this definitely does that for me. Simple and straight to the point. The choreography is slick and makes no attempt at trying to be more difficult than it needs to be.

Directed & Edited by Tim Milgram
Created, Choreographed, & Performed by Tony Bellissimo, Ivan Koumaev & Matt Aylward

Featuring Marty Kudelka

Styling by Elysandra QuiƱones

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~ a T.Milly Production ~

The official lyrics video! CHECK IT!