Blake McGrath x Sam Smith – How Will I Know

Holy jebus! So this is amazing… i cannot express how amazing this piece is… and also the fact that Blake McGrath is presenting a video of what he does best. DANCE… and simply expressed through his beautiful movement and incredible motions.

Blake from my knowledge is regarded as one of the most versatile dancers working today, and you can’t miss him or else you’ll miss such wondrous talent!

He has been on sytycd, janet jackson, britney spears, and more!

okay… just watch!

Vinh Nguyen presents Lay Me Down

Vinh Nguyen choreography to Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

To me… one of the most highly underrated choreographers on the youtube market. His choreography is always on point and he never misses any detail. Almost feel like I can see the music through his interpretation. This video presents a concept about travelling and as a dancer/choreography doing what you love involves sacrifices and that means to forego the time to be able to see your loved ones since your out there striving for your passion. Beautiful message with great choreography and cast of dancers. It gets epic when the beat drops, but man… Vinh really kills those beats!


Shaun Evaristo presents Retrograde

The man… Shaun Evaristo.

This was posted 3 days ago by Shaun on his youtube page and wow… what an amazing and delightful piece of artwork he has presented to the world. I’m not sure what I want to talk about in terms of the video but I would like to express my deep thoughts on this. Maybe let you know how it made me feel and how it had influenced my thinking and how it has further empowered me to go for my dreams in dance and life.


One this song is oh so powerful… James Blake is a genius and his haunting voice on this track definitely says so much. Shaun does an amazing job of capturing all of his emotion and tone through his movement, stops and pictures. He further creates and connects with levels and changes from standing to catching the floor and bringing his energy from the ground to the most unexpected places. If your keen to watch it again, watch for the story and how he connects the piece to his discussion at the beginning… a dance about his transition. Begins and ending…

You might not agree with me, but this was the interpretation I received from viewing the video. Shaun you are truly gifted, hope you are well going through your transition!


Take the Step ad.


I was privileged enough to be asked to first and foremost teach at this amazing re-located dance studio I had been employed by years ago… and now they are back! In an even bigger setting and monstrous goals, Montanasa Studios are here to bring dance and the arts to the western suburbs.

Now at their new location, they decided to hit me up and present me with an opportunity to put my face out there to help promote OUR love for dance to all!

So make sure you check it, watch me

across a graffiti wall
walk under a mill
run up stairs
dance at the graffiti wall
dance in a corner with back facing away
don’t miss the cute accent i hit
not running, just walking now across the graffiti wall
looking up
and there goes my weird facials
stairs and more stairs
dancing with a creepy smile at the graffiti wall
walking and then exiting a train

hahaha excuse my satire, I had the bestest time shooting for them and they’re some awesome friends and colleagues I grew up with, so super shoutout to them for providing a spot to teach my passion to other passionate people =]