Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb

just feeling this song and how it reminds me of my gf, as she wears lotus flower bomb =]. Definitely a unique smell, but regardless this song is bomb, no pun intended.

Anyways, just wanted to share some music that i was feeling this morning. Atm i’m just in the kitchen making breakfast and smoothies and cleaning. ughh so much to clean!!!


While in Hobart

It’s currently 7:21am in the morning, possibly 4 degrees in Hobart. I missed my flight last night and ended up staying out around the cnr of the airport at the travelodge. Had one of the best days yesterday and was looking forward to sleeping next to my Gf and just being in the comfort of my house, room, and bed.

As much as I want to blame jetstar for being constant prices… With delayed flights and early departures, I’m sorry to say… But I recommend everyone to never ever book a flight with them. I mean how do you sleep at night you stuck up ceo’s and board of directors? They should definitely fly on one of their planes and witness how awful their service is, staff are mindless minions and the seats… Wow… Might as well be called tiger because jetstar do not offer any greater benefits than tiger. Yes I appreciate the phone call… Stephen, but you are not aware of how many flights I have had been delayed by your incredibly low standard of service and poor scheduling. To anyone who hates tiger, yup i said it, Hate tiger, I hope you enjoy my little rant :). Oh and just book Virgin, they are definitely better.

Anyway, with that said, I feel much better venting and now I can move on and finally live my life :).

My day yesterday was amazing and have enormous love for Hobart and all the students who I have had the opportunity to share my dance with. Thank u everyone!!!

And lastly, this is on my mind.


See u soon readers.

25 Most Satisfying Things Ever


Just a repost from a link i found out on facebook world. So while i’m watching some of the live streaming of Hip hop international here’s a link that should tickle your fancy.

Some of my fav from the list.

6. The cutting of metal by machine… wow… how the hell does that even happen? It is so sick how it cuts through like butter and precisely everytime!

9. cmon… water dancing… BEST!

14. Snoop missing the awkward handshake.

23. the MRI of a banana… wow the patterns!