Blogging |#1 thursdaypicks (a day late)

Diversity and Inclusion – Love has no labels

If you woke up feeling like crap this morning and need some pick me up, well then never fear, this viral video will make you think twice about what you are living for. Don’t waste time not sharing your love for one another.

Norman Reedus answers Walking Dead questions on ET.

This season is great, i’m excited on where they will be taking this show. Questions like which character is going to die… Darryl? Michonne? Carol? Glenn?

Usher on #repeatafterme

This is hilarious, I love Usher and the freakin lame jump he does!

Pros and Cons: Empire

Oh Jimmy Fallon, when are you not funny?

Edward Norton talks about being Stefon on SNL cameo. If you’ve seen the 40th anniversary of SNL, Edward Norton does a brilliant cameo.


Top 10 Awkward Celebrity moments.

Tom Cruise. Just saying…

Nigahiga. How to act like your favourite actors. If you wanna watch this 10 min long video, then go ahead… I had to skip some parts, but its good =]



Blogging | the first of march

Could it already be that time of year?

Yup, excitingly it is and it’s only about to get boss. So I’ve just come back from teaching workshops in Sydney, and Hobart and now about to prep myself for the next big thing this year. I’m heading off to Malaysia and Singapore in the middle of the month whilst doing work here at home.

I’m enjoying this excitement with coffee and food. :).


It just had to be done. I guess you could say I’m celebrating for the future events but mainly due the fact that things have definitely been taking shape this year. Hard work and determination with a humble attitude can bring about the best of opportunities :).

My team is strong, my career is stable and launching. Life is wonderful.

Sooo…  Ttyl reader.