new blog name…

okay so i decided finally… after quite some time, thinking about basically everything and anything that i would now dedicate this blog site about what I like or things that basically interest me. Hence, the new name ‘Trevor’s Picks’. hopefully it doesn’t turn into some gay porn site and ends up becoming trevor’s pricks… funny??? nah not really. Now you can read up on things, places, people, food, clothes, stores, whatever interests i think are cool, you can follow them up on here. Some dance related stuff will be introduced here (of course)… but it wouldn’t be a blog without some kind of egotistical marketing =]. I’m hoping to make my way to a few cafe’s in melbourne and introduce you guys to some dope places to visit while your in melbourne, or places you didn’t think would be accessible.

anyways, hopefully this gathered some attention, and thus you will continue reading my mindless rants hehe. 

enjoy your wednesday all!!!


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