australia… says no to wifi.

so being back home in melbourne i’ve noticed a number of things that seem to make life unbearable. Not to be a hater of a country i love living in, but once you’ve been to places and experienced the differences in terms of price; price of comfort, food, experiences… well sadly, australia you suck. But the main thing i want to really talk about is the lack of free wi-fi. Now, your probably suggesting, well you should just use the wifi you pay for at home (truthfully, home net – which is cable btw… can still be erratic and cut out here and there. Telstra I blame you for my inability to establish a pentakill on League of Legends), well NO! why should i have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for inconsistent internet. Better yet, this wifi that i’m using to write this blog post… is only free for 1 hour. (Pic below)

*now imagine me writing relentlessly fast in order to post this*…

and the net isn’t exactly fast. it’s quite mediocre, and if your hoping to find places to write your blogs or explore and blog… how can you really do it without tethering your phone? All i’m saying is we should be allowed to have places to be snobby writers, sip our coffee, surf the net, write pointless blogs, all for FREE! Why does the australian government insist on staying light years behind in technology? Please, someone explain the benefit of this. I no longer can stand this pay as you go nonsense, when we should be able to express ourselves freely with a service that should enable us to hop on and off as we please. The internet is like a library, it has tons and tons of different sections/places for you to find what you are looking for. However, a library, majority of its books/papers are free, so why must the ‘new age’ library become so difficult to browse through? and might i add… have a fee? Even wi-fi at starbucks isn’t free… you can only receive 30 mins of wi-fi for the one coffee you buy… to continue you must purchase another item to continue searching through brazzers… Like… CMON!

If someone out there in blog land can lend some knowledge about this why, i’d really like to know, especially if Tony Abbott is now in power.

– trevor



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