Top 10 Most Annoying Memes

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Whether you like them or not the internet has had a thick layer of memes spread form one end to the other. Sometimes they’re funny, and if not they can be ignored. But sometimes there’s one that seeks to forcefully force itself into our lives. And all we want is for everyone else to stop replicating them.


Bloody Doge

This is the very meme that prompted this article, thanks to an incident at a board game day where people kept talking like idiots (yes, you, Hedgie). It’s a picture of a dog with some idiotic sounding text scattered around it. People talking like this in real life is even worse. This meme requires no imagination, creativity or humour – it’s very much a case of people parroting what they’ve seen before.

Friend-Zone Fiona

Bloody Friend Zone Fiona

There’s nothing that separates out this macro from some of the others, such as Scumbag Steve and Good…

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