D-Day! Moving Out | 5.12.13

And that was that.

I received the phone call yesterday. The agent and landlord had finally accepted our application and now my friends and I will be finally making a move out together in… 2 weeks! I couldn’t believe it. Especially with everything that’s been happening… relationships, jobs, friendships, dance, family, life… I know it’s a bad omen to feel like this one thing will definitely make it sunny side up. As much as it probably will be different but the same, i definitely know i needed this or at least know that this would push me in the direction I foresee for myself in the future.

Now to prepare the move out. This will be the first time i’d have moved permanently out of my family’s home. It’s the home of homes for me. And to say goodbye… (lol so dramatic). Nevertheless, at least there would be more appreciation between the parents and i. That is strangely very important to me so i’m excited for this new energy in life.

And so the list of what to bring and what not to bring… *any suggestions?*

wish me luck on this new adventure ya’ll!

– trevor



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