13 Tips For Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House Directly After College

since im about to move out, i went looking around for random advice here and there. Found this while searching the web. Only a few things apply, but close enough. Hella excited for this change!
– trevor

Thought Catalog

Not everyone can move out immediately after graduating from college. That’s a matter of fact. At the time I began writing this (a year ago?) Thought Catalog published an article stating that 85% of new college graduates move back in with their parents. Bleak, right?

Not entirely. When I said that not everyone can just move out immediately after graduation, I meant it. But not for the reasons you give yourself, like “I don’t have a job,” or “I have loan debt.” No. The people who can’t do it are in their own way. You have to want that freedom like a Death Row inmate. You have to forsake common sense, you have to drive blindfolded, you have to side-eye your friends when they say, “Bro, you don’t have a job. The fuck are you thinking?”

So where do you begin? Well, you know how a pathological liar can…

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