Blogging; The Meatball and Wine Bar, Xmas trees, Sneakerboy! | 7.12.13

Its tough to regularly post here, but when you have the motivation and time, anything is possible. It is quite possibly exactly what life is atm for me… finding the time and making effort to constantly blog. To be honest i think i’m doing quite well, considering i’ve had countless blogs throughout the year. This has definitely been the most thorough and personal sites I’ve been dedicated to, so thank you to everyone liking, sharing, reading through what goes through my mind day-day. =]

Anyways, what should i mention about the last couple days. I know i’ve been up posting trailers that i’m excited to see, dance clips, interesting articles and all that, but i’d like to post something or more exactly, places or things that i had the chance to see/explore at home (melbourne, australia), the last couple days.

So let’s get our minds out into the past…



My friend, Tai and I, were doing some work. He was doing some animation and myself was just looking for articles, surfing the web, just looking for something fun and interesting to cover. Basically, we went searching around for a place to eat and we found outselves at THE MEATBALL AND WINE BAR, just up along flinders lane. Damn did they have a treat for us! As you can see the pulled pork sliders i had… FREAKIN DELICIOUS! Tai had some kind of fish meatball pasta… that was great too! (wish i had a photo…). Atmosphere was great, reminded me of my time travelling in New York, made me feel like i was on holiday and outside was not home! Staff was quite nice and entertaining, and did i tell you the food was delicious! =]

There’s also dining outside if you want, but to get a real fix of the place, inside is a much better choice.

Now Tai and I both agreed, being regular melbournians, we felt we had limited knowledge of our surroundings and thus why i decided to share my exploration of the world here in my blog. Not only do i like dancing, but i LOVE food.

But the fun didn’t stop there…  Now that it is december and xmas is on the way, we managed to stumble across quite a few new features among the regular surroundings.

conveniently placed amongst the nothingness that's usually there.

conveniently placed amongst the nothingness that’s usually there.

*at fed square*

big xmas tree at city square

big xmas tree at city square

*City Square, Melbourne, Australia*

Last but not least, Tai and i stumbled across this shoe store, called Sneakerboy. Now what you’d normally find at a shoe store wasn’t what we had expected. Imagine high end fashion labels… designing sneakers… now could you imagine how much a shoe would cost? Yup if your guessing correctly, shit was hella expensive, at least over $400 a pair for a high top Balenciaga… So crazy! But all one of a kind sneaker, that only crazy international asians would buy. Regardless of price, the store is futuristic and makes you feel like your in Japan (led labels underneath each shoe). Check the pic below.



Here’s their website also!

If your a shoe collector this is one the places you’d want to check out while your in Melbourne!

So many things to see, so many places to explore, i wish i had more time to thoroughly describe what i saw and felt that day. But i’m so excited to share my findings regardless, so this will be a taste of things to come! If your a fellow melburnian and want me to check something out, let me know, i’d love to write and explore!

– trevor

p.s. sorry for long wait of posts. will be on my shit again this week! =]


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