Blogging; Dukes Coffee Roasters, Zoologie!, meeting and being open to opportunities | 11.12.13





Today marks one of the last times this generation will ever witness 11.12.13 (yes yes, we just realised that now didn’t we…). Other than that, i thought i’d share a number of places and things that i had the chance to do today on this once in a lifetime day (LOL, how cheese). Perhaps its the date, or that somewhere in the astronomical plane, stars and planets are lined up in a certain way, and our horoscopes do actually mean something… LOL i kid, i mean its highly unlikely as im not a believer that planets and that are supposed to tell your future. And i say that without offense, i just haven’t really thought much about whether or not its possible stars can determine your life… (might be a good idea to research and figure that out huh?)

Well it’s Wednesday, 2 more days til i get to teach in Hobart again =] #dancelife but i found myself yet again in and among beautiful melbourne. And on the list of things to explore and open my inspirational brain… COFFEE!!!


* <——– website!

Yup if you haven’t been, Dukes is an awesome place to find yourself indulging in the sinful taste of coffee. If i could break a commandment, it would be gluttony… an over indulgence in coffee. Dukes was one of the first places i had tried to visit that was recommended by and they have not disappointed me since. =]

‘Great staff, great coffee, nice and small for you to run away from the hustle of the city.’

Where: 247, Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000 (there is also another Dukes located at 169 Chapel Street, Windsor; check them out too, nicest staff!)

To the employees at Dukes, pls keep doing your thing, people love your coffee!!!

The coffee did hit the spot! This led to me heading down Manchester Lane, which is between Flinders Ln and Collins St. I found this neat little store that i’d walked in once before.


* <——– website!

Where: 14 Manchester Lane, Melbourne


If your into your boutique shops, then you need to check this place out! There’s this jacket i wanted… but sadly, i’m broke atm to really invest in an awesome new jacket! Its also right across from the SURE store (for all your street/skate items), so you can’t miss it. The store is not crammed with heaps of brands so you will be sure to find and choose something you like.

***Look out for their cool bags – Drifter and that red,black, jacket… but don’t buy it… it’s mine =]. All Zoologie items are designed by the owners, so obviously made in Australia!!!***

And last shout out goes to the awesome chick that worked there today, Nicola. You are beautiful (she’s a model yo!!! :P) and an awesome person to talk to. Goodluck with your trip overseas!

That was pretty much the majority of my day so far. Once i post this i’ll be out and about taking dance class and hanging with a sydney friend 2nite. ahhh it honestly is good to just live in the present moment and let life lead you rather than you always leading it. Goes to show that taking a simple interest in anything can actually make you feel more open to your current surroundings. Sometimes you find that exploring can lead to places and people you don’t imagine yourself being situated in. with all this recent exploration of my surroundings and myself included, i can guarantee, the more you go and search the world, the more you allow opportunities to align with your present. In terms of how this affects me as an artist… well, i can honestly say that i feel more motivated, even more interested in what i can achieve and what i can create because i know that inspiration is literally all around you. Yes buying coffee and walking into cool stores may not entirely be dance related, but to nurture all sides of your interests is a way of actively enhancing your talent and artistic pathway. And if you have never really made effort to grow your other interests before, i suggest you try it. So far things are looking up. Until then i’ll let u know if it doesn’t =]

p.s. let me know what you think helps you with inspiration and opportunity… i want to hear and share thoughts =]

– trevor


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