Saint Heron’s Tragedy

yes yes… and yes! so much inspiration gained from watching your work and the risks you take to expose your art. i miss you and can’t wait to dance with you again!


Here is a dance short I worked on titled “Saint Heron’s Tragedy.” This short stars Max Francisco and Mikey Grand and is done to Jhene Aiko’s “Drinking and Driving” off the Saint Heron album. I tried to keep this piece more character driven vs. having badass choreography.

Basically, this short starts off with the main character, Heron, seducing the supporting character, Chris, the stereotypical “douche bag,” who sends her on her way after having his with her. While skulling a bottle of vodka, Heron realizes that Chris left his car keys in her jacket. She steals the car and goes for a ride while under the influence.

No one that participated in this video condone’s drinking and driving or driving under the influence of any kind. The concept, choreography and direction were all done by me! I hope you enjoy, and thank you for taking the time to watch the…

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