Blogging | New Tools

It’s here!!! My iPad mini retina came… Then I came… Lol but on a serious note, I got it! And if you’ve been following you would know I’ve been waiting for this s.o.b. for a while. I’m just grateful that I have it and now can use it as a tool to further post wherever and whenever I want to.

Did I tell u it’s space grey? (P.s. Why can’t it just be called black… Fucking apple ;p)

I’m sitting here writing from fed square… Randomly saw ‘s.w.s.n.b.n’ while with ao crew (my friends are a part of this Kpop cover group and blah blah blah. They’re fun and passionate bout kpop!)… BITCH! But they got their final shot happening and I’m just here for moral support. Let me try this new mini retina camera for u all.


Camera is okay in lowlight not able to show the full quality, but u understand šŸ™‚

Anyways, just glad to be back writing some proper posts since arriving back from Hobart. Making a list of goals and hoping to write more of my day to day happenings just so u can obtain a grasp about what is it that goes through my brain and when I’ll be dancing and creating some work. šŸ™‚

And if u do live in Melbourne come visit me! I work at culture kings, so please say hi. There is a face to this blog and I’m happy to say hi and make a physical connection.

Lastly, I feel amazing that I now have this iPad. Today I had a meeting at work and I thought I’d try this. I’m very happy with my purchase and would like to thank apple and Telstra for coordinating this wonderful purchase. I was told that this good feeling is caused by increased dopamine levels… And strangely after saying all this I do feel a great deal happier and much more committed to employing myself to writing more, and sharing my good vibes with my readers. I’m a tangent kinda guy so you’ll notice the strange connections between topics. But yes, I miss reading and not just seeing fucking reposts of shit. That’s why I left tumblr… Too much bullshit from teen seeking popularity. I’m sorry but pls create something of your own work, and let those people who created those posts receive the recognition. Lol this is just me venting but I hope that one day my posts would make a valuable contribution to the world… Or the people around me. šŸ™‚ so here’s to all us would-be writers trying to freely share our lives with each other . Keep doing your thing associated bloggers, I support u!

Okay enough of me blabbing. I’m feeling good, so hit the like button or respond to me, let’s give each other energy through the World Wide Web.

Much love.

– trevor


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