Blogging | this is Nicola

I posted about meeting this girl at her workplace and we had great conversation. I ended up telling her about and we traded our blogs and it was all sweet. Nothing more than friendly humans sharing thoughts and conversating.

I had some time coming back from Hobart and all… So I entered in her blog address… (I pressed enter and it loads!!!) lol… And here we entered into her world… Her own creative world. If u do click on her website, you would be stunningly amazed… She’s an amazing photographer and her shots are real good! I’m usually not impressed by most things, but I do love her photos. Don’t take my word for it, u need to see them for yourself. All the photos are quite natural and not too much has been over edited. I’m no photography expert, but I feel quite calm looking at her photos, very easy to engage and probably places I’d like to go just chill and reflect… Probably write blogs at the beach too :). But regardless of my opinion go check out her site, hope she comes out with more photos.

That’s my two cents about Nicola. Let me know what u think. Remember guys, interact with me besides liking 🙂 I want to get to know my readers too!

– trevor


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