Blogging | trying to upload videos; updates

And… It’s raining…

Tried my best to upload a video yesterday of footage of the weird rain in Melbourne yesterday. You know how movie rain is thicker, much more artificial in terms of how it falls…? Know what I mean? Well it was like that as I finished work yesterday.

Makes me sad that I had to write out a description instead of my readers just watching and figuring it out ;p jks… Apologies for my awful humour this morning but I’m pretty exhausted having just moved in. And I hope with no work for two days, I would have more things to post and updates about how I’m doing and plans, etc I have going on. Other than that, I’m glad to be back typing away and sharing my thoughts with u all. Just wanted to say thank u to everyone for even following my blog and liking my posts. Good to know having some sort of personality can still be a positive thing… What what! 🙂


Just leaving my new hood. I’m repping for the Asians that aren’t really present in yarraville.

Ok that’s a quick update for u all, gotta do my Xmas shopping tonight! It is going to be hectic!

– trevor


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