Wanting to post more often

Recently it has become quite difficult to post since all the Xmas fever begun. In brief, Xmas eve was family time and Xmas day was the biggest ‘I did nothing all day and had bad Asian food’. That pretty much sums up those days in the least amount of detail explainable. Overall, I had quite a memorable Xmas as it was my first time permanently leaving home (1 week anniversary!) and having total independence from family. Now life is beginning to hit reality and now the end of 2013 is about to happen.

By reality I mean to express the nature of life and the internal battles endured to obtain our perfect state of happiness. Perhaps I’m a perfectionist and if one were to look at my life, they would say I was happy. I can tell u that I am happy and appreciative but not fulfilled. Thus the reason why I feel life is still about to begin whether or not the year is ending. It’s more about the next stage in life, and I’m excited to accomplish many things in the next couple years. šŸ™‚

Peeling away from that tangent, I’m off to work as I blog this. Another full day of work. I just did Boxing Day yesterday, now today and the upcoming weekend.

‘I can’t wait to get you on the floor good looking…’ Will be what I’ll be singing and dancing to on pay day. Thanks Mr. Timberlake for a rad song.

Anyways, hopefully get back to posting soon! I’ll continue updating when I can, but for now I’m sending u all love and energy over this merry season!


Just a pic from last night after work. My roomie and I watched face off! K work time!

– trevor


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