Marijuana overdose?

hmm… can anyone tell me if this is a real article? so many fake or viral posts continue to be posted on fb and i always wonder if any of these ‘FACTS’ are even true.


5 thoughts on “Marijuana overdose?

  1. Absolutely and entirely fake. It’s nearly impossible to overdose on marijuana, in fact it’s easier to overdose (internally drown) on water than it is to die from marijuana. There have been 0 deaths reported due to the usage of pot and it will likely stay that way for eternity. Daily Currant is a satire site and those who are not familiar with the site or marijuana have been easily duped into the false allegation. If anyone died from weed it would be all over major news sources by now.

    So in short, yes it’s fake, tell your friends it’s fake if you see it on Facebook. This article is simply out there to garner views and ruin the name of legalization.

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