Blogging | just some emotions

I haven’t really written anything about some deep dark secrets on my blog yet. But since it is my blog and your all getting to know me, well here we go. 


im a terrible hopeless romantic. And i’ll admit… it’s probably one of the things that can easily inspire and simply destroy my presence at the present. I love to love and at times it can become misunderstood. Regardless, last night was a struggle, as i’m still coming to terms with some recent situations in my life. If anyone knows me… i hold people really dear to me. I believe that there is some force of good in every person and whether or not they choose to show this side does not make them a bad person.

Hmm, i’m being quite vague, but in short, i love people and i see human weakness as one of the key products of a persons uniqueness. Without that they would be just like the next person. I am not always correct, nor am i always the one in the right. If anything i have weaknesses too, that i hope others around me would understand that i am overcoming. We are all flawed, and rather than focusing on those flows, i do my best to focus on what it is they are trying to be. Not only that, but people have ways of showing their loving side through different modes of action and that too are positive and that should be a focus.

We tend to get caught up in what ruined the situation but forget the small things that made that day brighter. It is those small moments that could be those BIG MOMENTS, but are just overlooked because of that flaw.

I write this now to bring some positive thoughts into my head and hopefully in anyone who has made time to read my post. I wasn’t me last night but i am me nonetheless and those moments we make make me happy, deep down my chest. (excuse the rhyme… it was cool =]).

– trevor  


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