25 things that happen when your 25.


the last ones really hit me. i had an amazing breakthrough in terms of where i felt i was supposed to be. I recently moved in with some friends (if you read previous posts then you’d know =]), who not only are my friends, but some of the best friends i could have. My roomies and my boys and my crew and all those people who are around me… i finally realised how much i was loved and not just like superficially loved, like ah… throwing the word love here and there… much more like, loving me for me and being honest with me and encouraging me and inspiring me, as i am toward them. If you are reading this, ‘friends’, just know i love you all, and i wouldn’t, couldn’t make my world any different. Life just became a moment of making the most out of the present and ditching the past and looking forward and beyond to the future. I guess you could suggest i haven’t fully been able to be who i am for a long time because i never really knew what i wanted out of life, or if i even knew who my real friends were. Now… well last night definitely changed my perspective or should i establish, that it made things much more concrete. =]

anyways, that’s enough of me venting. While i’m sick today i’ll try my best to post, because blogging is fun and i didn’t realise how less boring the internet is, due to the ability to find information anywhere!

happy wednesday!!!

– trevor


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