Blogging | being vague.

(i wanted to write this to someone special to me, if you do read this… just be happy and smile. You have so much ahead of you, can’t wait to see your growth!)

…this might sound weird. but i hope u know i care about you and that whatever had happened between us, i don’t hate you. i know you never liked me saying it in words, but i do love you. I still consider you to be one of the closest people in my life, and i just wanted you to know that. and that while we may not be as close as we could be, i’m over here whenever you want to be honest or when you just want to vent about your dad. i like listening.. and i always loved listening to you no matter if you thought i wasn’t paying attention. I know i was sucky but i hope that one day you’ll see me differently. Not so much as a boy, but as a man, who is sure about where he is going and who he wants to be…


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