Blogging | not quite right…


Out on this football oval. It’s cold. Dark. No stars, just clouds and lots of empty space. Nothing to distract my mind from the world and all it’s vast negative and positive situations. It’s just balance. Clarity at its finest at this moment in time.

I’m not perfect. I’m only human. And I’m working hard everyday to be better, but I’d think I’d figure out on how to be not only a great artist but a great person. Or maybe I’ve just placed so much pressure on myself to fulfill everyone else’s needs. It’s probably why I’m not with anyone, I can’t make the opposite sex happy without ruining a good moment, and thus the reason why I’m out on this oval… Life, for me is great for anyone knowing me and my exterior. But deep inside I’m broken, scared and seeking direction. Truthfully life is awesome but when bad things begin to happen I become a wreck and no longer can figure out where or how to get over my weaknesses. I feel I’ve changed… I mean doesn’t that matter??? It matters to me but I guess I’m always so worried about everyone else and forget about healing myself and my soul. I tend to not open up as much about my personal life but here I am. Human as anything. weak, a sinner. I guess it’s time to just go for life and spending quality with myself.



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