I LOVE FOOD! | Cobb Lane


Where? 13 Anderson St, Yarraville, 3013.

Contact: http://www.cobblane.com.au/
Open Tues-Sun.

Finally! found some time to get some brunch and explore my local neighbourhood. I’ve already eaten and been to The Cornershop, but i’d been told by my sister to try Cobb Lane. And well, i was delighted to have some food there and of course COFFEE!!! If your a local yarravillian, then i’m sure you would understand that this place is awesome. If you are a brunch kind of person then make sure you hit place up.

Some things to look out for:
– friendly staff
– open kitchen
– sweets and extra foodies in the cases.
– great menu

there’s probably more, but will update you all for you all when I have another session there.

Definitely a pick for me =]




Omg Salted caramel donut


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