Blogging | and now its February.

How or when did the time go by so very quickly? If it was up to me, we would still be living it up in January, but due to life and its way of moving forward we must continue living it up in February.

Apologies for the lack of posts readers but i’ve finally found a moment to key in some thoughts and update you all on what i’ve been watching, reading, thinking and just enjoying. *brb making coffee*. And coffee is good! Not just any kind of coffee, instant coffee! Okay… so there’s not much to instant coffee, but it does provide the quick fix that coffee supplies. Plus i’m too lazy to walk to my local cafe’s, plus it doesn’t cost me $3.50 a cup… okay u get it, right? Enough tangential thinking, let me update you guys about my January.

– So i’m still working for this 4 yr old clothing company called; Culture Kings (therefore its been… i believe almost 3 months). My side job atm, which is going quite well, loving the team members and all the growth we are all sharing as employees and as a brand.
– The dance team COLLEKTIVE that i founded in 2008 and still direct (youtube us!), we had a performance at the Richmond Lunar New Year Festival. We also have been implementing a new culture and really sticking to our passion and the importance of being a team… a collective… the COLLEKTIVE. See how i did that just there…? BRILLIANT! hehe. To continue moving forward for 2014, we also filmed that performance for ourselves and for our youtube followers/audience (will post it after this post). And lastly, we organised and ran a dance audition, quite a successful one in our eyes as we could not believe the turn out, the amount of hard work we saw… in my roommates words… BEAUTIFUL. Stay tuned as we will be recruiting new members very soon!
– I still do not have a new bed… lol.
– room is beginning to look like a jungle…
– no gym = fat trevor
– Was an extra on the tv show ‘OFFSPRING’
– saving monies!

Reading through that… well i’d like to say so much has been left out but its quite an interesting read looking back at the things that did happen, or the vivid moments that made a presence in January. I seriously can’t wait to tell you what else is happening this February, i’m very proud and gaining my confidence as a dancer/choreographer/performer… definitely feeling like GODS plan is finally unfolding and i’m just excited to share my life with my friends, family, readers, fans, anyone out there that follows my work. =] And saying that, especially about my work, this blog!!! This blog is my work and i’m very proud of all that i’ve shared and will want to share to my readers.

At this moment… definitely feeling 2014 to be a massive year for everyone, so if you feel like this year is going in the opposite direction… its time to pick yourself up and run in the right direction. Stay on that path and you will succeed =]

kk, back on this thang!

– trevor


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