Blogging | the past week

I have already learned so much in the last week than i feel i had learned all of last year. This is in terms of personal life, dancing, friendships and just regular grown up life factors.

Haven’t had much time to post anything new on my blog in the past week. Guess you could say my mind has been elsewhere and i haven’t really made an effort to vent on and on about anything. I should really say expressing and sharing my thoughts rather than venting, might seem like i’m ungrateful for the great things around me. And no doubt great things are always around me, like most of life is made of. At times its very easy to simply cut yourself short and ignore all the positivity around you.

Staying with all the positivity that has made an appearance in the week, i couldn’t be more happier about life. I managed to film a new video for my youtube channel that i feel i had neglected for the longest time. I posted it and received such supportive feedback from friends and strangers. I was feeling quite proud and fulfilled and at least motivated to continue. It was a reminder that hard work and consistency is powerful and the more you continue pushing and being patient the easier the journey becomes.


Furthermore, my dance classes had begun to feel very different. Different because it was better than it was when i first began teaching years and years ago. I wouldn’t say that i’m a veteran, i’d say i am to say the least in instructing different students and people from various dance schools, suburbs and nationalities. But definitely still have so much to work on and i’m super grateful for all the support that i have been receiving since the beginning of 2014. I have seen so many students already, new and old who are beginning to grow exponentially and to have played some part in that… WOW! Which reminds me, that i should really begin recording my classes so all of you can witness the amazing things that happen in my class.

I had also met an awesome dancer/upcoming choreographer, Laurence Kaiwai. Now i’m not going to lie, but he is super dope, as an artist and as a friend. We shared some great convos about life and just spoke of topics that stuck out for me in terms of my work ethic and pathway as a dance artist. In such a short amount of time, he opened my eyes and reminded me of my dreams of being an representative of dance in teaching and movement, and having that support from someone who has already had a experienced career, i can no longer deny that i am supposed to do this and i will get there =]. Thanks bro, can’t wait to see us at the top! Did i forget to mention he also filmed 3 different pieces in 3 days!? wtf! such a beast!


and lastly, my beautiful family and friends who i have gotten so much closer to since the start of 2014. I don’t think you understand that i am truly beginning to feel like myself around my own self and everyone. And without your constant support and love i don’t think i would have been able to express all of this and begin really living up my life. To the dance community that also shared themselves at underground summer 2014, just know your hard work did not go unnotice, your brilliance may only have shined for that one night, but if you continue to light up your fire, it will burn longer and more brighter if you feed it with continuous blood, sweat and tears. =]

Without adding any negativity to this post i will end it there… at best i am broken but i am rebuilding and pushing to break through my boundaries and fears.

shine bright everyone.

– trevor


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