This is me | Wednesday the 26th


Not much to it. Just another day of dance today. Weather is quite nice at the money so excuse the expressionless face. Oh and the facial hair… Slowly it is growing. Ugly, but it’s growing.


This is where I am. Werribee line train, standing and observing. Preparing myself for an onslaught of energetic kids and lazy teens. On that note, why are teens so lazy??? Ugh, it frustrates me how they can even want to aim to be mediocre. Hope I was not like that…

In other news, and apologies for a brief update on my life. But I will be doing dance workshops in Hobart for the next two days. Going to be an exciting trip, leveling up the standard of dancers in Hobart. Hope to obtain some footage so you can all witness the progress. Oh and I’ll have time to surf the net and blog for u guys! 🙂 this week had been incredible already.

– trevor


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