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I love reading freshly pressed articles. All of these blogs are amazing and I can relate and travel the world without having to leave my home here in Melbourne. Good to know and hear how creativity is all around and I’m happy to hear that what I’ve always felt has been felt by others. ATM I’m reading and listening to music and hearing my friend work on his business. And it is true, everything around us is inspiring and giving us permission to create in a certain way. Ahhhh such an important that I could not have expressed any better. Thank u mostlyuhuru for this article 🙂



You’ve often heard me say that we all possess the power and creativity to create. We are creators, all of us. We can create something out of nothing. Creativity knows no bounds. We all borrow from popular culture, from history, music, art, oral tradition, crafts, design, graffiti, film, sculpture, architecture, dance; these things all know no bounds and have no keepers once they enter the public sphere. They are not static but are continuously evolving and taking on new meanings. We all traverse space and time in our different context and imbue those structures and forms in our lives with new meanings.

Or so we should. If you entered our house this week you were sure to be met by these scenarios: there was jazz playing in the background, flowing simultaneously in the corners of our minds, rousing various sensations and urging us to create our respective arts. Reinier was…

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