Jimmy Kimmel | Teachers Message to Parents

wow wow wow. I’ve definitely felt this way before. And this is for all the teachers out there. I’m sure there are times when you can’t understand how a kid doesn’t know certain things at certain ages. haha i laugh, thinking i’m exactly that. Not blaming my parents, but more so i’ve become a bratty kid in the past. You have kids that always need their parents around so they know the kid is safe and not taking risks (being sarcastic)… ugh its frustrating, but that’s just how society allows it be.

*and just heard someone random person scream…*

As much as this is a satire (the video), no one is right or wrong on either sides, it just comes down to patience and timing. Sometimes teachers can be emotionally able to handle kids, other times they’re okay. I’m sure every parent has neglected their kid to some extent. We don’t go blaming the parents enough… we go ahead and blame teachers. hahaha this topic is awful, i should stop.

But make sure you watch, as it is hilarious nonetheless. at the end of the day its a two-way street between teachers and parents. They both want what’s best for the kid and so they should understand each other much more. Dang… teachers need to get paid more.



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