Blogging | being unavailable

so here is me updating you all about the recent happenings of life… but for now you will all have to wait as i’m eating breakfast and drinking my coffee =].

*be back in maybe 40 mins* =]

Okay I lied… But I’m back.

*insert picture here*


I’m back. Tuesday writing day sitting at 2pocket fairtrade on little Lonsdale. I’ve posted about this place as it has great coffee and free wifi!

Where have I been? Well, I suppose physical I’ve been exhausted from picking up some new dance classes that I was fortunate enough to be hired for. I ended up getting a couple classes at this prestigious dance school; danceworld, located in South Melbourne. Although their uniforms are lame (they are)… The students there are quite open and ready to grow in their dancing and that makes me happy. Makes me happy to be able to share and give of my talent, especially at a time where I feel somewhat confused about who is supportive of my dreams. I think that’s been going through my head a fair bit in the past week, and when I say that out loud, I guess you can say that regardless of who supports u, dreams are not built by your friends, but on your own hard work and persistence. Yes it does help to have those close friends around u support u. But at the end of the day, your dreams can only be fully understood by its creator, YOU.

Now I have dreams. Dreams of being a world class choreographer or at least be a recognised choreographer/instructor/dancer. And it’s not like I have not experienced marvellous career treks. I have, but being a artistic perfectionist, I want more! But the more I ponder on these dreams, the more I am my own worst enemy when it comes to taking those big steps and owning and taking what i know I’m a step away from. The way to get to my goals… We’ll I’m definitely unsure. But I now know I need to make some sort of plan in order for consistency to remain and thus bring me closer to my goals. No matter how it may be, a plan is better than just going with the flow. And I’m speaking in terms of actually just going through the flow because I’ve been doing that for years. And I’ve only obtained a minuscule amount of my target.

*sipping some coffee*


I’ve wanted to achieve my dreams so bad… But I can no longer JUST want it, I’m going to have to OWN my dreams.

Thanks for reading and listening.

– Trevor


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