Bolivia gives rights to Mother Earth

Saw this up on Fb, and my Bolivia is becoming one of the most amazing places in terms of trying to help preserve the world and not destroy it. Ideally, this idea of preservation… I am all for it. And while I eat my banana bread, I am happy knowing that there are people in this world who are not selfish and are not wanting to harvest the earth and the world populations souls and freedoms. Don’t you think we need more support for ideals like this?

I remember being amazed at how much of our past history that many of our nations stood up and fought beside each other for the greater good. Now we are just fighting against each other for our own benefits… And those benefits are simply shortterm. By a blink of an eye, a massive meteorite could destroy us all. So i always wondered why as a planet we didn’t strive for an awesome life for humanity. I’m starting to wonder if we are the scary aliens out to destroy other planets… What do u think?


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