The 10 Best and 10 Worst of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

Spoiler alert ***

If you have already seen the latest X-men movie: Days of Future Past, then this will be an exciting read. Not only does it provide a few spoilers but it does draw out the pros and cons of the movie and the franchise.

Yes… i love movies, and currently this is my favourite superhero to date!

If you have yet to see it… well your missing out!

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The dust has settled on the latest instalment of the ever expanding X-Men movie franchise, with the past and current versions of the characters linking together to tell one epic story of causality and smashing things. Sitting on 92% on and the top of the box office it’s almost universally popular. But with so many characters, a full backstory and a complex source material there are some things that didn’t work. Here’s the things that irked us, and the little touches that made it extra cool.


Shadowcat’s Power

Shadowcat is a long standing character in the comic series, even if she hasn’t yet been fleshed out in the film series. That said, up until now we’ve been pretty clear on her power set. She walks through walls. It’s one of the most straight forward powers in the story. Also she can send people’s consciousness backwards through time? When did that…

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