These train rides.

(highly tangential so If you do not want to read my disjointed/today biography then leave…  Quietly :))

Not much to say really,  just on the train with my thoughts and the ability to type out the worries,  appreciation of the moment.  I quite like the calmness that exists on a deserted train.  Even though there may be one person besides myself pondering away to themselves it still feels like I can fully be in my world and ignore everything around me. 

With that said…  I am here to talk about whatever may come to mind and end where I see fit.  Quite therapeutic if you ask me.  I can write and write with no particular purpose and it will serve its therapeutic purpose regardless.  For me writing is essentially my own session with a therapist.  Not that I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with one.  And so while on this train where I am in and amongst my thoughts I guess there has been a number of things I’ve been doing and gladly appreciative of. 

To name a few…

I am an artistic director of my own dance team/company that is,  if not one of the best teams in Melbourne.  Started many years ago when I was 19/20 and I couldn’t be more proud of where it is heading.  COLLEKTIVE is the team name and it has had its ups and downs much like my life in the years prior to 2014. But at this moment it is without a doubt exactly where I’d hoped for it to be in such a long time. Nothing personal to those who have left to their own journeys and goals :). We are currently preparing for a competition in a months time,  definitely excited for this.

I am currently in a beautiful relationship.  I am eternally grateful to be given another chance to make things right.  🙂  love u babe.

I am feeling quite independent and have had the opportunity to move out and live away from my parents.  I am now allowing myself the opportunity to be me :).

So many more things I can’t wait to share with the world.  I guess you could suggest that I am much more inclined to share me.  Share my thoughts,  talents,  anger,  passion,  love and all the in betweens.  Life as it is seems…  With the growth in social media and all has provided an opportunity for persons to provide a manufactured,  altered version of themselves,  that quite frankly highlights a quite selfish projection of one self. Why is it wrong to showcase things that show a disliked side of someone…?  Are we not hoping to love and be loved,  all the good and bad about someone? I too have fallen into this matrix,  this facade that we have all been accustomed to.  Definitely questioned this notion and is possibly the reason why I decided to blog.  I’ve learnt that being an artist is about being open…  Being vulnerable…  Learning to be your worst…  To show your worst.  To love the bad and learning to be honest.  I guess you could say that without truly showing all your sides.,  you succumb to being a celebrity…  A celebrity…  Think about it.  I am an artist…  Thus,  hope to be truly open to be accepting of my faults and strengths.  To use my weaknesses to inspire and grow,  to become the best me,  not what others hope to see in me.

I am good,  yet I am bad.  But what is good and what is bad? Welcome to some personal thoughts from a growing artist. 

Hope u continue following me.  🙂


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