ADCC 2014 heat set directed by Lee Odon & Mandy Vo


Usher: Good Kisser (choreography by Trevor Santos)
Cassie: All my Love (choreography by Mandy Vo)
Asap Rocky: Wild for the night ft. Skrillex (choreographed by Lee Odon and Trevor Santos)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Can’t Hold Us (choreographed by Lee Odon and Mandy Vo)
Here is my team, the COLLEKTIVE. Formally known as THE COLLEKTIVE, i guess we decided to just drop the THE and leave it as COLLEKTIVE. Not really relevant or super important, just felt like a change. Twenty fourteen has definitely been one of those occasions that change seems appropriate. And regardless of the past and everything that had made this team what it is, i would like to say that the past was great, but i’m looking on to the future. Nothing personal, just growth. I for one can honestly express that i am at a much better, more creative, more in sync with who i am and what i believe my team and its members are capable of. So far we have been able to show this to each other and for those in the Melbourne dance community and those reading, its time that you all understand why my heart is definitely in this team.

but let’s move on shall we…

We performed this set at the Australian Dance Crew Championships 2014, probably about 2 weeks ago. We placed 2nd just after the entertaining and talented boys crew BKODE. Nevertheless, most people actually don’t know that this show had been directed by two overlooked and talented creators; Lee Odon & Mandy Vo.

pictured: lee, myself, mandy.

I had the opportunity to watch and witness them take this show to where it was on this day. They brought themselves further than they expected and it was amazing to be present.

Watch out for us!




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