Blogging | Nike vs. Adidas

I had the chance to shop as I have had almost minimal time to just browse and chill with all these jobs smashing me in the face atm. Now when I say shop… I did a very Asian thing and just window shopped. šŸ™‚ was nice, worth the time.

Upon my travels I came to a dilemma… Now this is in relation to footwear for dance.  Either I buy the Adidas shoes…  Which are $100 or the Nike shoes (the roshe freeruns).


The Adidas shoes…


The Nike shoes…

Don’t lie and say they don’t look similar.
Maybe not the best photo but enough to ask… Which shoe do u pick when both companies be making great shoes???

My best guess was to go with the shoe that would be my first preference in terms of feel and possible fashion outfits. If I were wealthier both would be a priority, but for arguments sake… I chose the Nike’s. However, I have yet to purchase them haha.

If you have read this far, let me know which shoe or brand, or product would sway your decision. If it the price, the style, the store… Could be anything! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think šŸ™‚


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