The Ronettes – Be My Baby

And… for some reason this song came to mind today. It’s a sweet song from the 60’s? or 50’s? (checked it and it was the 60’s). How i know this? Just imagine a kid, a filipino kid who’s parents loved this genre of music. And at the nicest and most special of times, i can almost see my childhood from songs and movies from this culture/time and place. Like watching pleasantville years ago and thinking wow, that was a cool time, i’d definitely love to go back and experience life at those times.

And yup… my parents would sing these songs, play these songs, dance to these songs… My… those were some happy times. CHILDHOOD HAPPY TIMES =]

Nevertheless, those memories don’t always have to just leave you, they’re endless with music such as the ronettes, everly brothers, buddy holly, aretha franklin and so on. And music in general, can help make those unsettling times in life come up and become memorable. Not saying that i’m feeling horrible, nothing like that. Just felt like associating my current GREAT mood with such a classic song.

What songs make you feel the unique happiness like there was nothing in the world that could go wrong? when the trials and tribulations of adult life were non-existent? let me know.


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