The Legend of Korra Season 3.

Now now now… i know i’ve had plenty of random posts this week, with the vmas and getting a gopro. But i’ve had something on my mind this week that’s really been bugging me. Can you guess? Well the title states it all, and i’m quite appalled by the lack of substance in the tv show The Legend of Korra, especially season 3 – change. I mean… cmon… like really? It’s quite bad if you ask me. My personal taste suggests that the writers really did not care about trying to add more character and more time to develop an intriguing story. Yes I know it’s a kid show, but with a much darker storyline and older characters, i’d like to think they would have challenged themselves a little to make audiences want to watch this series over the first Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series.

I know it is fine for cartoons or tv shows to have filler episodes, but for the avatar; Korra to simply mental bend in a second? wtf? how freakin lame!!! I get it… She’s the avatar, but still… really lame.

Another thing. How easy it is for the avatar to be captured by the red lotus. It’s like they didn’t even lift a finger and they had already persuaded that guy who can sense if people are lying to simply allow them to enter the metal city and kaboom capture the avatar. again… still lame.

But… at least the show provides entertainment, and a very easy storyline to comprehend. It just sucks how as you get closer to the end of the season, the show becomes more thrilling, more action packed and cooler.

Anyways, that’s my two cents on this topic… Now let me finish this season and i’ll continue writing about my thoughts!


3 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra Season 3.

  1. agreed i was completeley Underwhelm and Dissatisfied with this season i found it lame and boring ,lackluster and contrived and had no substance and dropped so many plot poinbts .The only memorable was the scene with jinora getting her tattos which made the finale bitter sweet aand acceptable overall better than season 2 with a superior finale than the previous but thats not saying much.

    • so very true! i really hope the last book can surpass the last 2 seasons. So far all i have to look forward to is the avatar finding her powers again and then defeating the red lotus. I just hope its not some easy plot.

      I will say though, the action scenes are pretty dope, story line needs to rework.

      cheers for the comment Lamar!!!

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