Japan trip 2014 | Day 1-3

Where do I begin…

So a couple months ago the wonderful, extremely awesome plane company; Jetstar, had a sale to Japan, so my gf and I decided, hey let’s just hit up Japan, and now here we are!

Here’s some things to sum up the days that we’ve had.

Day 1. (technically half a day, because Jetstar screwed up our flights…)

– arrived in Narita – Tokyo
– travelled using Skyliner: which was quick, efficient, quiet and definitely better than the public transport system in Melbourne.
– hopped off the JR line, arriving at Ikebukuro; where we are staying (Tokyu Stay)
– walked through light-filled streets, heaps of friendly people regardless of language barrier.
– checked out the arcades…

(thanks to mobilegeeks.de)
definitely a highlight if you are a geek and love your video games. Honestly, this was secretly mini heaven to me =]

– ordered food! It was an experience, as my gf and I just wanted to try some ramen, but had no clue there would be such a particular way of doing so. In Australia, we usually sit at the restaurant or simply order food from the menu and pay, however in Japan, food is ordered mostly through vending machines and you would receive a ticket and hand this over to the waiter. Only difficulty is figuring out what you are having if no pictures are set on the machines.



Although Day 1 was nice and short, it was a wonderous half day to experience some BUT not all of Japan.

Day 2. (first official day)

– had breakfast, courtesy of our hotel Tokyu Stay.
– we decided to trek to Shinjuku
It’s a Sunday, so it was sort of quiet in the morning, and maybe because it was 9 and we were just excited to head out and about to explore this country. Here most shops open at 11am so we had some time to kill, and decided to play some arcades; a bit of mario kart, Dark Escape 3d (footage when i come back home), street basketball, and Raiden (caught some footage of me dying lol)
– shopping… shopping… shopping!!!
– we finally had some of the best Ramen both agreed by my gf and i. The place that Lonely planet recommended is called Nagi. And my… it was difficult to find! The place was hidden and had a line stretching around the corner into this tight little alleyway.


– and then finally we made it to Endance Studios to take class with the man Bam Martin. We also bought an Endance tee and caught a glimpse of every dancer in Japan killing shit. I can tell you no one was bad… NO ONE!


Day 2 was super tiring, but definitely a memorable second day. Our bearings became better and the train system became wonderful to navigate through, considering how little japanese we could speak. Day 2… SUCCESSFUL!

Day 3. (the rainiest day ever)

– it basically did not stop raining the whole day! but at least we bought umbrellas! Here in Japan, it was necessary to buy as rain did not stop. And to enter shops you would have to pull down your umbrella and place them in the stands out the front. Every shop had this as to not have the floors all wet and dirty.
– today was Harajuku day… regardless of the rain it did not stop us from trekking through the crazy streets of Harajuku; the famous Takeshita st. and finding the amazing stretch of streets stores that i know heaps of dancers would envy!!! let’s just name a few shall we =]

Supreme, stussy, APC, Levi’s, Kicks Lab, Billionaire Boys Club, Neighbourhood, Kinetics (selling Huf, herschel and more), Undefeated, Nike, Adidas Originals, Bape, and more.


This website has a list of everything you need to know about shopping for your street style taste =]


– and last to mention… we finally had the best tonkatsu we’ve had… apart from the 2nd day that i failed to mention… because our stomachs hurt sooooooo much after hhahahaha. We caught this place that Lonely Planet mentioned as ‘meat that would melt in your mouth’… We had the tonkatsu and it was BOMB! Set in an old renovated bathhouse; staff was friendly and food was glorious. If sitting down is not your kind of thing, you could also buy some food to take home. The Tonkatsu in a bread is apparently a delicacy to have from this place. =]
– also checked out the Urth Cafe for some coffee… latte’s and macchiato’s for us Melbourne coffee snobs. =]


– the Chicago Thrift Store… if your into secondhand, hand me down, vintage clothing… definitely the place to be!!!


– finally watched Lost In Translation (if you are new to Japan you will definitely relate to this movie and the culture shock it has if you are super duper westernised).

Day 3… so much to say but so much left to experience. Regardless of the rain, we had such a grand day, shopping, exploring and plenty of arrigato for this experience. Definitely heading back to Harajuku to experience it during a sunny day. Japan we love you!!!



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