Shaun Evaristo presents Retrograde

The man… Shaun Evaristo.

This was posted 3 days ago by Shaun on his youtube page and wow… what an amazing and delightful piece of artwork he has presented to the world. I’m not sure what I want to talk about in terms of the video but I would like to express my deep thoughts on this. Maybe let you know how it made me feel and how it had influenced my thinking and how it has further empowered me to go for my dreams in dance and life.


One this song is oh so powerful… James Blake is a genius and his haunting voice on this track definitely says so much. Shaun does an amazing job of capturing all of his emotion and tone through his movement, stops and pictures. He further creates and connects with levels and changes from standing to catching the floor and bringing his energy from the ground to the most unexpected places. If your keen to watch it again, watch for the story and how he connects the piece to his discussion at the beginning… a dance about his transition. Begins and ending…

You might not agree with me, but this was the interpretation I received from viewing the video. Shaun you are truly gifted, hope you are well going through your transition!



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