Korra: Season 4 ep 2, thoughts.


I believe this to be the best episode so far on THE LEGEND OF KORRA Book 4: Change. I believe I am being extremely honest in saying that and that I really do hope that this season changes my mind and many of those I know who are big fans of this show. Regardless of an unsettling season 3 ending, episode 2 seems to pick up a little, paying plenty of attention to Korra and explaining her next journey through a series of flashbacks from her time away from Republic City and Team Avatar. The wheel begins to set itself in motion as the recovered but battered Korra begins to be haunted by a reflection of herself, perhaps herself from the past or that spirit or some wacky shit like that.

All I know is it seemed a little more genuine and this episode quite reminded me of the relationship between Zuko and Iroh, you will see when Katara and Korra start conversing, dem feels. Dialogue was pretty good, and even better are the animations in this episode with the…. part in the… well you’ll see…


One thing I wish, was that the episodes would be longer… *sigh*.

Only 10 more episodes, so i’ll do my best to keep you guys updated with my thoughts on this series and any other mindblowing things that I’m up to during my life/career. So far it’s been fun writing this and I want to do it more often =]

but i’ve been really tired… right Korra?



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