The Walking Dead season 5 premieres, tomorrow for australia.

and so while we wait… if you haven’t managed to view this hilarious video about Walking Dead, or any other tv show/movie you might have seen in the past few years then your in for a treat! But Walking Dead season 5 is about to premiere tonight in the states and hopefully australia gets the latest episode asap as my girlfriend and i and my roommates and mates are dying to catch up onto the next season. If you aren’t the biggest fan or not yet hooked on this show (still doesn’t beat Breaking Bad), then make sure you start watching the seasons… starting, NOW!

I assume that if you take about… half the bad episodes in all the seasons you should be able to catch the first episode of season 5 by tomorrow night! only joking… I love fillers. =]

Shout out to Screen Junkies for always producing entertaining videos about how stupid most movie plots are and how much fun we all have poking fun at the plot holes, awful storylines and bad acting. THANK YOU! ;p



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