this was meant for friday…

I definitely need to post or at least hit the post button when blogging. How useless of my outdated information. Nevertheless here it is! =]

No spelling mistake intended here, just wanted to let all my readers know that I will be performing in a couple of my friends dance pieces this Friday coming at the Hi-Fi Bar for the upcoming Undrgrnd night. If your reading and have no idea what is up, well undrgrnd is a night which showcases plenty of upcoming dance artists working in the industry or who have a deep sense of love for dance and believe it in their entire being that their dance needs to be seen. Call it a sanctuary for dancers, it is a night filled with performance, close to almost no clothing and plenty of alcohol to go around.

If you are a local Melburnian, I would like to invite you to this quarterly gathering of talented souls in an unforgettable night. Therefore, come out to the Hi-Fi Bar this Friday night and come enjoy the festivities.


I’m currently on the way to rehearsals now, and it’s 9pm…taught three classes, and definitely inspired to fall asleep. Hope you are all doing well!


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