I LOVE GAMES | StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void trailer

Although I play games quite often, and often meaning only one game at the moment. I’m happy to invite you to view the trailer for the concluding chapter in the StarCraft 2 trilogy; Legacy of The Void. As usual, Blizzard delivers an enticing, thrill of a finale, bringing in all sides, Terran, Protoss and Zerg up against it’s toughest foes. Don’t quote me on this one, it’s simply how I was interpreting this trailer. But still, super exciting!

Unfortunately, since League of Legends took over my heart in the gaming world, stumbling back into the world of StarCraft may be unlikely. Perhaps during the summer I just might have a go at completing part 2: Heart of the Swarm, and see where i’ll be by then.

In which case, enjoy the new trailer!


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