I LOVE TV | Walking Dead – SELF HELP thoughts

Episode 5 – Self Help… I’m not sure if i feel good or bad about the episode. But it was an episode that’s for sure.


Just some thoughts on this episode. First and foremost, without being too blunt… I hated it… It was quite an awful episode and from comments from different articles and videos, it’s safe to say I’m not the only one feeling like this. Regardless, there were quite a few reveals which puts the show into another route and taking away from the regular story arch of travelling to DC, which now most likely ain’t happening.

some key scenes.

– Eugene is not a scientist, just a big dude with a mullet… possibly a nerd. (someone send him a comp… let’s play LOL)
– Abraham, you cold hard killer.
– Abraham, you dirty man…
– you can kill zombies with a firehose!
– boring side story… we need more Rick/Darryl centered episodes
– plenty of nonsense conversations that lead to betrayal, blah blah blah
– and holy s**t the zombies…

Honestly, not the best episode so far this season, but heck lets hope we can get out of the hospital and onto the awesomeness of Rick’s team! And with 3 more episodes left in 2014, let’s hope we aren’t scarred by more bad episodes. =]

If your after more info on thoughts IGN let’s us know how they felt about episode 5.

IGN thoughts on episode 6.

Sneak peek of episode 6!!! (Sun., Nov 16th at 9/8c)




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