The Rise and Rise of Chris Brown

So much more respect to this man and this artist, I am definitely a fan of you Chris Brown and what your trying to bring to the music world and simply your artistry. Recently, i’ve been inspired to seek and do my research on those who are making it big in the world as artists and as people who strive to better themselves no matter where their actions had placed them. For example, it’s very clear that when we have a thought about breezy, we may feel uncomfortable and relate most of his image on the abuse and police charges in the past 5 years. Yes those things he had done were criminal and he deserves to have lost fans and respect around the world. But when a man, or anyone can stand in the spotlight and continue doing what they do best, and continually attempt to grow and mature from their misdeeds, then by all means, he deserves admiration. Most people in life could never rise up and overcome challenges as large as those endured by Chris Brown.

Hopefully, upon viewing of this video, it may change your look on this man and that he now deserves your attention and not your judgement. =]


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