Billie Casey-Jabore presents B L C V S V N D – Phil Viggiano

Wow! One of my friends just uploaded one of her latest creations, she is incredible and has been working very hard this entire year, getting her name out there and her talent to a wider audience. Thank you for pushing, representing and inspiring me to keep going and to never shy away from exposing our own dancing. I only see the best for what’s to come, and although you may not read my blog or do, I hope you know that success for you is already here. =]

*** Sorry guys, it went a little deep, but i’m sensitive at the moment so deal with it and where i’m emotionally taking these thank you’s to. WATCH THE VIDEO!
Song | B L V C S V N D By Phil VIGGIANO

Choreography & Editing | Billie casey-Jabore

Martijn Sedjfied
Leroy Curwood

Filmed By: Pru Wilson

Location: M.A.P.A


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