Blogging | Having one of those days

Oh these are the times…

Mentally and physically exhausted, 2 shows to prepare for, just finished 2 dance concerts, choreographed another 4 shows, 1 tribute show and change. What does it feel like to wake up and realise that some things aren’t the same as they were the day before? Consider that today ain’t so bad, but you wouldn’t mind going back to yesterday… I’m at this stage of total awareness, of seeing and watching my life around me go by. Going by because it’s easy to get stuck in your torment and emotions and press replay thinking that if you press play again it might show me something different. With that being said, I hope you all do not think i’m ungrateful, because truthfully pulling away from all the negative and disbelief in one-self, I am actually really happy and proud of all that has been achieved in 2014. Yes i’m complaining and annoyed that things are at a low… emotionally, but I am slowly understanding that within this period of change, there has to be a low moment for me to really stop and smell the flowers. To remind myself that I am me and that I do love me and will continue to love the person that I choose to be.

This was a wonderful reminder of how I should be viewing my life and to be even more grateful and proud that I am unique and there is no other like me.

Thank you Cashel.

In other news, I will be performing in my friends show coming to you in 2 weeks!

Check out her pozible page and help us put our art out for the world to experience!

And lastly, my wonderful friends and crew COLLEKTIVE will be competing this saturday at the Australian Dance Crew Championships. We are all very excited to get this all together and I couldn’t be any more proud of them. yeh!



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