I LOVE TV | thoughts on “Coda” – Se05Ep08

Let’s see its been a while since I set foot here again, but if you follow I’m usually out of business when sh*t goes down in life, but here’s some thoughts about The Walking Dead episode CODA.

Tonight’s episode summary.

How many walkers has Rick killed?
Omg bobs foot. Gross
A pissed off priest vs. Pissed of zombies.
Seriously pissed at this priest
Cool camera shot of walker death at the church
Michone is bad ass! (ie. I want a katana!)
The reunion
How peoples view and values in life change or remain the same.
God I hate that police chick can she die already?
Beth’s death… 😦

I must say, I really enjoyed this episode and glad the show went back to featuring more Rick and Daryl, and less whining and boring conversations. It was nice that they eventually wrote out Beth in a way that wasn’t to early or late. Beth finally stood up and fought for what she believed in, she wasn’t afraid and unfortunately died for what she believed in. And usually I’m never one to really enjoy Beth as a character, but I find myself suddenly more appreciative of her character. Her character expresses a sense of growth that we all yearn for. And while everyone has something to fight for, I feel her battle is more about overcoming her fears and always being the one in the background. It sucks she had to die… Too bad… Right? Everyone in life goes through some kind of obstacle and sometimes overcoming life’s battles can end up in death… Beth’s death…

Massive positive ratings to this episode! Can’t wait for the next episodes of the walking dead!


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