Blogging | can’t believe it’s almost xmas

Yup, Xmas is only around the corner… Like what!!!?

Uh huh, it’s again that time of year, another orbit around the sun and another year to give thanks, to stop and smell the flowers. And smelling the flowers I am. I am another year older and hopefully wiser. Many things have changed and I have experienced things I never thought I’d had to go through. I’m not ready to openly talk about it all but I know I’m dealing and realising these changes, but trying my best to understand why these things happen. And as another year passes, the person that I’m becoming or striving to be has had its ups and downs. Nevertheless, I am alive, breathing and thankful I will have another chance to be the best version of myself I can be.

In other news, I welcomed the change with my second home… The exercise room.


Blasting away and pushing weights can be difficult, but so fulfilling. Helps keep me focused and forward onto my goals.

Seeing as though it is Xmas soon, how does one deal with all the people you go about to visit? Family, friends, social gatherings, so many! I’ve already decided to spend time with my family, my crew, and also one of my close friends for his birthday. Other than that, i’m not too sure how i’ll go about fighting through the crowds and crowds of people in the mall. Maybe this year i’ll give it a pass. πŸ™‚

But the year is yet to be over so i’ll be striking those goals out before the end of 2014. Hitting the gym, that’s done… what’s next? =]




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