I LOVE DANCE | Collektive @ ADCC finals 2014

I’ve finally found time to post about this. And this… this is amazing to me. I know to my own friends and teammates, i’m probably the most craziest and at times strangest people to be around. Being director of such a passionate team, it is at times very unreal… Seriously, my team (cliche alert), you guys are so great! I’ve not come to terms with the fact that our prep for this show is over, I honestly miss the rehearsals and the hard work we endured during the weeks leading to the competition. Everyone went that extra mile and definitely changed my mind about what I now know this team is capable of, and the future it is about to embark on.

Firstly, to the Collektive. You all deserve some recognition for all your hard work, so proud of you all!

Secondly, to my artistic directors, you both have such creative minds I’m glad we had this chance to learn from each other and work off each others ideas. I am so delighted to have pushed you both, as it has pushed me to further my dancing range. =]

And lastly, to this show. This show represented a concept, the idea that love, the word or the feeling or even the action of said word can be viewed in as many different forms, either common or unique. Love to someone can be defined or be unclear, but love is always present regardless.

I love my team, and I love dance. I know at times I am not the best communicator, but just know I am having a moment to smell the flowers and appreciate those that surround my life, and the collektive team never shy’s away from providing support and inspiration.

Thank you.


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