Is it time to finish Legend of Korra?

Hmm, what do you guys think?

I’ve been contemplating it now that the year is about to end and work is coming off pretty slow. I’m not sure how to go back to a show I prematurely broke ties with. LOL I guess you could say I had a falling out with Korra? Basically, I’m most likely going to finish it and give you guys an insight into how possible good or bad it might be and how the series may end up being… classic or straight to vhs? (can I say that?).

Just had time to surf through my blog and find out where all the action seems to be taking place. And honestly not where I thought readers would be localising themselves, but I guess having an opinion in a tv show helps.

Thanks to this post I did way back when Korra was still in season 3. Yikes, I stopped watching season 4 at about 3 episodes in, so going back into this past post is kinda hilarious. Regardless, it’s probably time I finish where I started and have a clean end with the series… by actually watching the entire final season.

So in hopes to end the series on a good note, I hereby declare that I will view the finals season before xmas!!! Let’s do it!




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