Finding that motivation today

It’s been a couple weeks now since dance and dance work started to slow down, so I’ve had quite a bit of down time, a bit though equals a lot, so I’ve been trying to get creative. Trying to figure out how to achieve these 2015 goals by changing or motivating myself to increase the chances of fulfilling my 2015 needs.

Now I’m not the best person to look at when it comes to scheduling, but I know 2015 is already looking good, but there must be ways, things to help solidify that conquering mentality. So far the gym gets me excited, but I still have to remind myself that it will help me through the day. I guess I figured out what I’m doing and practising for the next couple days, see if it works.

I will tell myself, remind me what it is I need to achieve and I need a stronger mind and body to do so.

If you have any possible ways to help unlock your potential let me know. 🙂


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