Blogging | Yesterday it stormed

Yesterday it stormed… and by yesterday I mean to say it had stormed a random number of times during the week.













Thought i’d capitalise on this special occasion, considering how little rain Melbourne gets during this time of the year.

And so my mind wanders and realises that I have quite a few storms or at least changes I feel are coming, or are happening at this time. To be honest, I’m not even sure when the weather started changing and that I had started to feel entirely different about the way I viewed the world. I’ve always been somewhat drama-filled but now it’s become less of that and as time goes forward, I’m finding that I am possibly more calmer and focused on the path I’ve set out for myself in 2015. Yes the above picture is a depressive and unwanted scenario, but such drastic changes help define ones character. It sure has had its affect on me… the breakup and all. But nevertheless, I am happy. Happy and blessed to know that I can feel the way I feel and that ultimately knowing that she is happy, makes me proud to know that we both had that chance to cross paths and share beautiful moments together. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m sure as the days continue, the storms that came, will go away and there will definitely be a sun shining… no clouds, just sun.

I’m me… and sometimes the best of me gets left behind. Not this time. These experiences are for those who can handle them, and thus I will survive and be new. I will shatter all perceptions and negativity that may surround me. At the end of the day, I can’t say it any other way, but I am a good guy… I’m still within a set of storms that has me hindered, but I will be better. Better, stronger and focused during 2015.


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