Blogging | The weekend at Chinese new year


This weekend has been incredible thus far, and it goes to show that with persistence and hard work the goals you set out to achieve can really be accomplished. I am a proud friend and also proud director of my team COLLEKTIVE. Although there are people missing we do our best to show our love for dance and one another, just really grateful for their talents. Nevertheless, the show was received very well, and we are all very excited to perform the set this sunday coming at the annual St. Kilda Festival. 

In other news, this month of Feb will be crazy busy as I’ll be flying up to Sydney to catch up with some friends and dance dance dance. It’s been a while since I made a trip to Sydney, but i’m hoping this time it will definitely bring more out of me and bring me to a new level of maturity and strength, since the past couple months have been different in other ways. I may or may not upload some awesome footage from the recent HDI camp that I had an opportunity to participate in, but I will need to learn how to use Premiere Pro CC. Finally got my hands on that SOB, so I’m excited to get some videos out there!

Second month of the year, best get it moving forward right? =]

Hope everyone is having a great 2nd of feb, but yeh… I’m feeling Seahawks ftw! =]


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